GLUCOSE TEST – Fasting or Non-Fasting

A non-fasting glucose test measures the amount of glucose or sugar circulating in a person's blood while they have not fasted. They will not need to fast before the test takes place.

  • What's tested:

    Glucose test measures the amount of glucose or sugar circulating in a person's blood.


Information About The Tests


Measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Elevated levels may indicate diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

Blood Glucose Testing with Express Pathology

Blood testing for glucose is a common medical procedure used to measure the concentration of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Glucose is the primary source of energy for the body's cells, and its levels in the blood are tightly regulated. This test is crucial for diagnosing and managing various health conditions, particularly diabetes mellitus.

Why Test Glucose Levels?

  1. Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes: Elevated blood glucose levels are a hallmark of diabetes mellitus. Testing helps diagnose diabetes and monitor blood sugar control in individuals with the condition.
  2. Screening for Prediabetes and Diabetes Risk: Regular blood glucose testing can help identify individuals with prediabetes, a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be classified as diabetes. Early detection allows for lifestyle changes to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.
  3. Monitoring Treatment Efficacy: For individuals with diabetes, regular monitoring of blood glucose levels helps assess the effectiveness of treatment strategies, including medications, diet, and exercise.
  4. Prevention of Complications: Maintaining blood glucose levels within target ranges can help prevent or delay the development of diabetes-related complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and eye problems.

Who Benefits Most from Glucose Testing?

  1. People with Diabetes: Individuals diagnosed with diabetes require regular monitoring of their blood glucose levels to manage their condition effectively. This includes both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients.
  2. Individuals at Risk for Diabetes: People with risk factors for diabetes, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, family history of diabetes, or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, can benefit from regular blood testing to detect prediabetes or early-stage diabetes.
  3. Those with Symptoms of High or Low Blood Sugar: Symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss (for high blood sugar), or dizziness, sweating, and confusion (for low blood sugar) warrant blood sugar tests to rule out diabetes or hypoglycemia.

How it works

Buy a test + at-home sample collection

If at-home or workplace service is available in your area, purchase for an additional $55 fee.

Schedule an appointment

After you make a purchase, one of our Express Pathology nurses will contact you to schedule an in-at-home or office blood collection appointment.

At-home blood sample collection

One of our friendly nurses will collect your blood sample and send it to the nearest laboratory.

Get fast results in your inbox

Access results in your email inbox as soon as they're available.

Blood collection currently available in NSW, VIC, and QLD.

Easy-to-understand results.

Your results will be emailed to you within 24 - 36 hours after collecting your sample. You will receive a text SMS notification when your results are ready. Your results are highly confidential, but you can choose to share your results with your healthcare provider, family, or friends.

Independent support.

Express Pathology reviews your test results and will contact you directly if they require prompt attention. You will be encouraged to speak directly with your primary GP.

Frequently asked 

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  • What is the outcome of blood glucose tests?

    Blood tests will provide valuable information about an individual's blood sugar level which is vital for diagnosing, managing, and preventing complications related to diabetes and prediabetes.

  • Why measure blood glucose level?

    Regular blood glucose monitoring helps individuals maintain optimal health and well-being, and can indicate any concerns like develop diabetes.

  • How early can you come to my home or office?

    Our Nurses can generally start from 6am.

  • How do I pay for this service?

    Payment process is simple. We have integrated secure Commbank Payment Gateway to take payments online. Simply complete the online form and make the payment using the ‘Proceed to Book’ button.

  • Can I be seen on a weekend?

    Yes, our nurses work 7 days a week.

  • Can you come to my work?

    Yes we can attend your work premises if you have a private area to conduct the blood collection.

  • Is there a medicare rebate/ bulk billing available?

    No, this is a private service not linked to Medicare.

  • Do I need to Fast?

    Fasting is optional however, please indicate to your blood collector if you have been Fasting or not.

  • What happens with my results?

    Your results are reviewed by our GP and sent to you securely through email. If action is required our GP will be in contact with you.

  • Do Prestige keep a copy of my results?

    Yes they are held in our secure database.