Fast, secure and accurate blood collection
Fast, secure and accurate blood collection
Fast, secure and accurate blood collection

Why consider online blood tests?


  1. No Initial Consultations: Oftentimes, patients will need more than one visit with their doctor in order to receive a pathology form to complete their blood tests. Our service does not require any doctor consultation to receive a pathology referral.
  2. Customisation: You can choose your own tests or create your own unique panel of blood tests.
  3. Convenience: We provide an accessible mobile service, eliminating the need to travel to a healthcare facility and wait for an appointment. The blood testing process, from beginning to the end, can be started and completed in the comfort of your home.
    • Select and order your preferred test
    • Schedule a suitable appointment time with one of our nurses to see you at your home or place of work
    • Receive your results securely through your email. Our physicians review your results and provide a brief explanatory report.
  4. Flexibility: We know life gets busy which is why we're flexible in how we operate. Not only do we offer a variety of blood tests, with different tests for different genders, we also offer a variety of visitation options ie mobile service, or 4cyte collection centres.
  5. Confidentiality: is also a cornerstone for many, particularly for those undergoing testing for sensitive conditions tests that necessitate regular monitoring. Your results are directly sent to you via email and you will be provided with SMS updates when your results are ready. Our GP reviews all results and will provide all customers with a brief report on your results.

Getting Started with Your Online Pathology Tests

Embarking on the journey of an online testing begins with a simple selection process. Choose the lab tests you require and, before you know it, a pathology request form lands in your inbox, ready to be used at your convenience. The components of diagnostic pathology tests available, including blood tests, is nothing short of comprehensive, covering everything from:

  • Hormonal tests
  • General health tests
  • Sexual health tests
  • Vitamin deficiencies 
  • Thyroid
  • Kidney functions
  • Liver functions
  • Overall organ health

Testing is available for both men and women ages 18+. We offer the the ability to tailor your test selection depending on the level of detail you want to screen for. We also offer services seven days a week, meaning one of our nurses can see you at the comfort of your home or convenience of your office. We can consult first time users to ensure proper test selection and interpretation. Feel free to contact us on 02 9545 2940 for all enquiries. 

5 reasons why patients choose at-home or work pathology

Time-saving & comfortableness

Your sample is collected without leaving your home or workplace. Say goodbye to long queues and crowded waiting rooms.

Nurse mobility

In the metro areas, our nurses will travel to your home or workplace.

Limit infection risks

Avoid crowds by steering clear of busy waiting areas.

Ease anxieties

Our nurses are caring and respectful of your home or workplace.

Accurate results

Our trained staff ensure a safe sample collection.

Blood collection currently available in NSW, VIC, and QLD.

  • Blood results will be sent to you within 24-36 hrs after the completion of your appointment
  • No doctor or GP referral is needed
  • The results are highly confidential

Frequently asked 

If you can’t find the answer to your question or have a general question or comment about this website, please contact us.

Need to know more? Call us at
02 9545 2940Book a visit

How early can you come to my home or office?

Our Nurses can generally start from 6am.

How do I pay for this service?

Payment process is simple. We have integrated secure Commbank Payment Gateway to take payments online. Simply complete the online form and make the payment using the ‘Proceed to Book’ button.

Can I be seen on a weekend?

Yes, our nurses work 7 days a week.

Can you come to my work?

Yes we can attend your work premises if you have a private area to conduct the blood collection.

Is there a medicare rebate/ bulk billing available?

No, this is a private service not linked to Medicare.

Do I need to fast?

Fasting is optional however, please indicate to your blood collector if you have been Fasting or not.

What happens with my results?

Your results are reviewed by our GP and sent to you securely through email. If action is required our GP will be in contact with you.

Do Prestige keep a copy of my results?

Yes they are held in our secure database.